The following timber is on the floor ready or near ready for machining.
If what you are looking for is not in stock, that doesn't mean we don't have it as we have over 200 species available.

Species can then be utilised to suit our customers' unique needs such as colour, durability, strength, size and individuality.

For the supply of timber for designed and Pole Homes, wide flooring and renovations.

Display Timbers

  • Queensland Maple - Maple Silkwood
  • Julip Mahogany
  • Maples - Scented Maple
  • Pepperwood
  • White Beech
  • Rose Alder
  • Silver Ash
  • Oaks - Red Tulip Oak
  • Walnuts
  • Cadaga
  • Karri
  • Black Wattle

Hardwood Timbers

  • Red Iron Bark
  • Bloodwood
  • Forest Red Gum
  • Turpintine
  • Rosegum
  • Black Wattle

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